Turnkey HYIP is a high-yield investment program (HYIP), which provides exceptionally high returns on investments in a short period of time. This area opens up literally unlimited opportunities for earning money and self-realization. Custom HYIPs are a good option for creating a source of permanent passive income. It is enough to create and launch your own hype project, and then it will develop itself.


The foundation on which the basic part of a web resource strategy is built is dedicated to the story or legend for the target audience. It is a correctly constructed legend that is 80% the key to success in promoting a strategy, both for the investor and the developer. A team that is successful in its field creates, improves and launches not just a website program, but a profitable financial instrument in every sense. Before you buy a HYIP project from developers, make sure that cooperation with them will be completely transparent. This is one of the main guarantees of successful cooperation. Our company offers only the best turnkey HYIP projects.

Several criteria by which you can evaluate the effectiveness of future cooperation:

  • first of all, this is a great, successful experience in creating and starting projects of various types;
  • flexible payment system, not inflated prices, and an excellent offer of a discount system for regular customers;
  • professionalism and cohesion of the development team;
  • the uniqueness of the created product, its uniqueness according to the author’s and technical specifications;
  • fast and realistic deadlines for the delivery and implementation of projects;
  • developer support throughout the entire duration of the HYIP;
  • possibility of service after warranty expiration.

How to create hyip

When creating a HYIP project, you need to take into account the design, develop a legend for the web resource, on the basis of which the overall strategy of the program will be built.


Then the backbone of the development itself is assembled and includes: a domain for the site, web hosting, design, purchasing anonymity, installing SSL and EV SSL and much more.

A legend is created for the site, which must be plausible so that people will immediately lets go at her. If all the work is based on the basis of reinvestment, then you can write about the transparency of the HYIP work, which gives beneficial advantages in finding customers.

Draw a brief outlining such questions, for whom is the system designed? What results do you expect from it?

Divide your target audience into segments and create different pricing plans. This will further provide an opportunity to increase your audience coverage.

If all of the above actions seem complicated to you, or you are an absolute beginner in this topic, you can register for similar projects and take part in them, noticing the features of the project and the system of its work. And it’s even better if you just buy a ready-made project from us.


Order a ready-made HYIP project, why us and not others

Over 7 years of painstaking work, hundreds of successful projects have passed through our hands, without a single negative review on the Internet. Almost all clients come to us by recommendation. While developing projects in the niche of high-yield investment funds, we have developed a strategy that works like clockwork. But we do not stop there and continue to hone our skills.


Our projects are distinguished by a unique design that corresponds to the latest investment trends, impeccable technical part and other accompanying services provided by technical specialists.

Our software developers and web technologists are masters of the most famous HYIP scripts H-script, and personal original developments, who can brilliantly customize HYIP scripts to the needs of the buyer. Over the entire period of our work, we have proven that we love non-standard solutions, take our work seriously and take into account the wishes of our clients.